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Hello and welcome to the Lindley Family Farm Shop

This page is just going to included our farm gate produce at farm gate prices .This includes our hay and straw and our potatoes and vegetable produce.

I will start with our hay .This comes in a number of sizes and qualities to hopefully fit every pocket and need.

First I will start with round bale hay We have our best round bale hay at £20 for a 4ft bale containing around the same amount of hay in 10-12 small bales.

round_best _hay

And we also have Haylage at £30.00, for a mini hesston sized bale very good quality very popular.


I now turn to small bale Hay this also comes in various price ranges from £1-£3.00

The Hay also comes in fine and normal this is because the hay comes from several different fields so we usually have something for everyone.

The cheaper hay starts at £1 this is usually again water marked bales or bottom bales that get marked.



Now the most popular hay our best hay this year it is £3 a bale. We make around 3-5 thousand bales a year and are the largest producer in the area and supply other local outlets with hay. We have a large choice of hay bales from meadow hay to full seeds hay from soft to coarse hay. Some people like the fine hay but the coarse is very palatable because it contains Timothy grass. So whatever you preference we will have something for you.


Now I turn to straw we sell round bale wheat straw at £10 a bale these have around 8-10 small bales worth of straw in them sometimes more. now new extra large 5ft bales for the same price toop quality indoor stored straw.


We also sell small bale wheat straw at £1.50 a bale










If you want to find us follow this link or ring us on (01427)728355





Updated 2014