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Do You Shop Online?the giving machine

Is a great way to help your local charities that costs you nothing but an extra Click, when you are online shopping
Currently I only Know that

St Martins School PTA

Has registered to the site, and can now benefit from a small cash donation on sales you make at the online stores, that you can find on the Giving Machine Website. It is important you use only the links on their page to enter the shopping pages, you want to use for the School to get the commission. They have links to more than 100 different shops, so there is bound to be one that you use already so help your local School and register at
And make them one of your home pages so you don’t forget
To find out how to make the site one of your home pages click here

If any one would like to get involved in this web page be it notices, information or pictures they would like to see added to these pages give me a ring on Owston Ferry 728275.

And I would like to remind people that they can add meetings and events to the Online Village Diary

or they can pass them on to me Thanks Ian

ariel photo of owston ferry



Updated 2014