Rounders is without doubt a wonderful sport; the older ones amongst us will remember playing this game at school on nice hot sunny summer days. The Game has now progressed to being played competitively by both adults and children with leagues starting up all over the UK. Any and everybody can play Rounders, it is one of only a few games worldwide that is played by men or women, girls or boys, or single and mixed teams.

There are a lot of benefits playing Rounders, it’s a great way to get and keep fit, it dose not require the purchase of expensive clothing and equipment; you don’t have to be Linford Christy or Sally Gunnal, and above all its fun. Link all these factors together with the great social side of the game, and you will wonder why you have not taken the game up sooner.

Rounders has now started on the Owston Ferry Sports field, every Sunday at 1.45pm. Depending on numbers and ages attending we will divide into even teams and play three 7 or 9 ball overs’. New players are always welcome with hopefully the odd competitive game held on Sundays throughout the summer months. As the summer kicks in we are also planning to have ‘Bar B Ques’ after the games so don’t miss out come along and have some fun in the sun. Membership is £5 per year and £1 per week subs.

Rules of the Game

  • You must not drop the bat.
  • You must run on a good ball.
  • You can choose to run on a no ball.
  • The umpire will clearly call 'no ball' if it is above the head or below the knee, into the body or wide of the batter.
  • 9 players in a team with a maximum of 13 players in a squad.
  • Ratio of 4 girls – 4 boys one other and 4 reserves.
  • Ratio must be observed in all games otherwise teams will have to play short
  • Substitutions can only take place at the start of a game unless there is an injury


A rounder can be scored when:

1. The ball is hit and the batter runs successfully around all four bases
2. Half a rounder can be scored when:
3. A batter does not hit the ball but runs successfully around all four bases
4. A batter hits the ball and reaches in at 2nd base
5. 2 no balls (no ball = above the head & below the knee)

6. A batter's running line is obstructed by a fielder when running around the bases


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Updated 2014