What’s it all about
Everybody is different and that’s a fact. So here at Owston Ferry Sports Club we are putting together a new wider range of sports that will encourage and increase participation across the community. The new sports have all been chosen due to the fact that they are sustainable sports for all. So regardless of age, gender, background or ability, you will always be made really welcome when you join any of the sports we promote and organise.

During 2006, and on top of our football team’s participation in their various leagues, the club aims to have at least one competitive Rounders Team, a complete summer series of Hashing events, and at least one Skiing trip to the French Alps early 2007. Click on the links or scroll down for more details.

Our Club is run completely by volunteers who give there time totally free of charge. However sport costs money, every month there’s always bills to pay such as insurance and equipment, so we do charge an annual membership fee of £5 across the board. We then to ensure fairness charge subscriptions for each and every sport that you participate in.

All in all, our aim is to provide you with top quality value for money sport.





Updated 2014