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Minutes of a meeting of the Council held in the Parish Office, Owston Ferry on Thursday November 30th 2006.

PRESENT: Coun. J C Lee, presiding
Courts. RW Fletcher, Mrs L Howard, Mrs P Ward, P Curtis, N North, D A Lawson, I Walker and G Watts..

APOLOGIES: Coun Mrs B Wood.
Noted that Coun.North would be arriving late.

The Chairman introduced Mr Graham Betts from Humberside Playing Fields Association (Agenda Item 6) as a visiting speaker to address the Council. Also in attendance two of Mr Betts colleagues and Tracy Joynson of OFRA. Mr Betts addressed his remarks to OFRA and the Council:­

  • Suggested training for OFRA members through Humber & Wolds Rural Development Council.
  • Need for trained Inspector of Playgrounds.
  • Council must have signed copy of Lease from OFRA (copy on file)
  • Need for Insurance for play area (OFRA have insurance)
  • Copies of signed Constitution (copy on file)
  • Need for OFRA to register as a Charity and form a Charitable Trust. If this does not happen the "funding" organisations can object or question their grants.
  • OFRA cannot dissolve if play area still needed and in use.
  • Need for full updated list of OFRA membership.
  • Lease must be registered with the Land Registry.

    If it became necessary to borrow money to pay back funds PUBLIC WORKS LOAN BOARDS can be approached - sum available in relation to no. of houses in Parish. The Chairman thanked Mr Betts and his colleagues for travelling to and attending the meeting.

510 MINUTES The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 25t`' October 2006, copies of
which had been previously circulated, with the date corrected and on Item 506.1 the deletion of Mrs Phillips, were taken as read and signed as a true record.

Coun.Fletcher said that the sale of grave spaces 27/3/06 in the Receipts and payments book"related to a Mrs Proctor £30. (thirtyy pounds paid).

Rubbish at Two Bridges- letter with diagram sent to Environment Agency.

3/11/06 Tree roots damaging pavement corner Church Street and Station Road.
Phoned Mick Johnson Highways NLC he said that problem would be looked at and would report back to me.

Hedge problem Church Walk corner Church Street - spoke to Mick Johnson at NLC He will look at problem and contact house owners,

Laural hedge problem also being investigated by Mick Johnson.

Damage to little drain South side of 3 Bridges on C212 Warping drain. Damaged barrier fence and bridge protection. Spoke to Paul Handley at NLC who will look at problem and report back to me.

Footpath behind Silver Street flats
Letter with diagram of footpath existing and proposed sent to NL Council.

Grass cutting - Paul Hinds rang to confirm final cut to Cemetery and Closed Churchyard mid-November. Invoice and quote for cutting next year after last cut. Usually start cutting again late March early April.

Out of Date cheques:­
Both Wallace and Lincoln Co-op have re-issued cheques.

Owston Ferry Turbury Form returned with new contact name only. Charity Commission forms still outstanding.

Owston Ferry Consolidated Charities Commission forms to be completed. Accounts to be drawn up verified and submitted. Need for new Chairman (new Vicar) Copies of bank statements now up to date. Paying - in book and current cheque book found. Need for new bank mandate form Chairman (Vicar) Clerk/Treasurer plus two other committee members. Need for meeting with relevant parties.

Burial Board - Register of Burials.
Up date still not finalised - Memorial for William and Nancy Loughton no other records.

Haxey Parish Council - letter requesting £567 towards cost of scalpings (precept) Wallace re-issued cheque

Careful consideration was given to the following -
Application Number 2006/1744 Planning permission to construct a vehicular access onto High Street
19 High Street Owston Ferry Applicant Mr Liddle Resolved: No Observations.

Planning Permission Granted
Application No. 2006/1523 Applicant Mr & Mrs Snow to erect a first floor extension and associated alterations (amendment insertion of a window in the rear elevation and deletion of a window in the east elevation) at Chantry House High Street Owston Ferry

The Council gave careful consideration to the existing and new Burial fees and regulations and noted that the fees should not penalise local residents. Other matters noted:­

  • Need for standard monument for each cremation
  • Cremated row of three to end of cemetery
  • Need for additional meeting at Cemetery
  • New rules and fees to be produced
  • 8 x 8 cube for cremations
  • Note from Coun.Ward that Walter Smith had died in Scunthorpe Hospital other details not known
  • Need to add all grave numbers to Burial Register list.

Resolved that further discussion would take place at the next meeting.

Safety Matting:- Coun.Lawson has no information at present. Coun.Lee announced that he has £2600 funds available to pay for safety matting. He proposed that he pay the money into Council funds and that the Council pay the bill which would enable the Council to reclaim the VAT. The money comes from the Tug of War team who are happy to donate it towards the playing surface.

Football fixtures:- Coun.Lawson has records. Noted that the recreation field is a village amenity and not just a football pitch. Coun. Lee requested that the Council set a number of free dates for general use. Coun.Howard requested that if some-one else wants the field then the football fixtures may be flexible. Noted that the League

can be flexible. Need for give and take on all sides. Coun.North suggested 2 month request for alteration of dates. (4 weeks notice) The Council requests as much free time as possible perhaps June/July/August unless
by special request. Noted that there is a need to rest the grass. Coun.North proposed that there be some form of document of agreement with the sports club. Coun.Lawson officially booking co-ordinator. Noted that cricket is not played currently.

Coun.Fletcher reported that there was a tree growing from the base of the churchyard wall on the Castle Hill side. Coun.Lee to investigate.

1. Hemdyke Lane footpath - nothing done yet - on maintenance schedule.
2. East Lound Road - Hillcrest Farm pothole/open dyke on corner of yard dangerous Clerk to speak to NLCouncil.
Coun.Ward and Coun.Howard left the room as a contribution to the Lights Committee was discussed.

Balance at 30'' November 2006
Cheques cleared for payment





Owston Ferry Tree & Lights 500.00




Grass care services





Epworth taxis








109 Cancelled cheque
110 30/11          P Hinds






Balance carried forward



Allotment rental discussed need to increase the figure with reference to the Audit Commission comments. Coun.Howard Proposed an increase to £5 per year. Coun.Ward seconded.
Coun.Walker proposed an increase to £ 12 per year. Court Curtiss seconded On a vote 5 were in favour and 4 against
Resolved: that the amendment is carried and that the allotment rental is set at £12.00 per year.


Comments noted:

  • Community relies on the responsibility of the owners.
  • Not considered a big problem in the area generally.
  • Noticed that people are "picking up" after their dogs.
  • Problem with dogs not on leads on the recreation field.
  • Riverside cleansed by the tide twice daily!
  • Some areas are bad.
  • Some "nasty" dogs not on leads.

Agenda Item next meeting


With reference to the letter received from N L Council (copy all Councillors) Coun.Lee suggested that everyone read the letter and take notice.
The meeting concluded at l0pm.

Minutes of an additional meeting of the Parish Council held in the Parish Office on Thursday December 14th at 7.30pm

Court. J Lee presiding
Couns. RW Fletcher, Mrs P Ward, P Curtis, N North, D A Lawson, I Walker, G Watts and Mrs B Wood

Coun. Mrs L Howard


Application No. 2006/1764 Planning permission to erect a replacement two storey garage and workshop (including demolition of existing garage) Wilgair Cottage High Street Owston Ferry Applicant Mr Sykes. Resolved No observations.

Planning permission refused: 2006/1564 25 Church Street Owston Ferry Applicant Mr Wilder. To erect a first floor side extension with veranda.
Reason for refusal:- In the Councils opinion following consultation with English Heritage, the proposed extension and alterations to the existing dwelling would result in a development which excessively harms the setting of the nearby scheduled ancient monument of Kinaird motte and bailey castle. Furthermore the applicant has not provided and details of how any archaeological remains will be dealt with during the construction phase, therefore the proposal is considered contrary to policy HE8 of the North Lincs. Local Plan.

Due to the number of Applications for Planning and the dates before which the decisions need to be returned, it was resolved that an additional Planning Committee would be formed of Couns. Ward, Watts and Curtis Chaired By Coun.Lee.
The Clerk is to contact ERNLLCA to find out if, having formed a separate Committee, other Council members may attend the meeting and have a vote.

523 Application for a Premises Licence - Grant
Applicant Owston Ferry Coronation Hall High Street Owston Ferry

Couns. Fletcher and Watts declared an interest and left the meeting.

Application under the Licensing Act 2003. This matter was given careful consideration by the Council and felt that in the interests of local residents, all functions held on a Sunday should finish by 23.00 hours, all music and refreshments stopping at 22.00 hours in order for the doors to be shut by 23.00 hours. No other observations were recorded.

New fees with the amendment of the fees for child burials amended to £40. Proposed and seconded. Resolved that the new Burial Fees and Regulations should be Adopted with effect from lst January 2007 Clerk to send copies to local funeral directors plus "laminating" a copy for the Cemetery notice board.


Cheque No 101112

Coronation Hall for room hire


Cheque No 101113

C Maguire ref Tel. expenses


The Clerk advised the Council that the cheque for wayleave payments from the electricity board had been received and paid in. ( £33.69)
Account balance as at 31/12/06 £1963.90

Couns. Fletcher and Watts declared an interest in cheque No 101112

Coun.Walker proposed that the Council write a letter to Mr Sanderson at NL Council in support of the Owston Ferry Circular Walk. NL Council would be contacting land owners in relation to footpaths over their land. Currently there is a route going three quarters of the way around the village. Designated paths are required to complete the route from the Church to Burnham Lane to Epworth Road and down to Bagsby Road. The completed route would be of benefit to visitors and villagers alike and would complete the heritage trail. An alternative route would be to go from the Church to Burnham Road down Lindleys Lane to Becks Drain on Epworth Road then follow the drain to Bagsby Road, this would necessitate a footbridge over the drain. A further alternative would be to go up to Burnham, at the high point turn right onto stone road, come out at Garners Farm then back by road. All relate to the "missing link" under Para 4 ref the creation of new paths in the Plan.
Coun.Walker proposed the walk, seconded by Coun.Wood. Resolved On a recorded vote all were in favour except Coun.Fletcher who was against, and Court Lee who abstained.

Coun.North requested a discussion on Rights of way at a later date as no requests had been received from any members of the public or horse riders for additional bridleways. It was noted that bridleways bring the problem of use by motorbikes and 4 wheel drive vehicles. On that point Coun.Walker said that off road bikes can cause structural damage but that Point 7 mentioned "access for all". It was necessary to prevent bikes accessing footpaths and to that end he proposed that all styles be replaced where they had been lost. Due to the need for disabled access gates could be used (need to protect stock on drain side) gates can be left open, so in order to discourage bikers existing styles would be replaced or repaired. Coun.Walker will report existing but damaged styles.
Item 9 alternative routes:- Crofts Lane to Bagsby Road could be used as an alternative route to the school in the summer - away from the High Street.

Coun.Lee stressed the importance of this - Clerk to contact ERNLLCA for more details.

Need to respond by December 31St
Noted that the local survey headline was "Dog Fouling". Points discussed:­

  • A need to control dogs
  • Dogs not on leads a problem
  • Need to educate owners
  • Cannot police in a village
  • Are "NO DOGS" notices in the right places?
  • Many people do not pick up after their dogs

     Are more dog bins needed? Consider cost of additional bins at Precept. Clerk to find out costs.
It was proposed and seconded that the Council was in favour in principle of the measures but that they were not enforceable. Additional bins were a good idea. Resolved All in favour

At this point Coun.Watts had to leave the meeting.

The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to Coun.Curtis for his generous gift to the Council of a photocopier. The gift was much appreciated. Resolved All in favour and that the Clerk write a letter of thanks.

points mentioned:­

  • Point 2 That in November details of accounts are prepared for discussion in January
  • Section 2.5 Refers to a three year forecast
  • Section 9.3 Refers to a need to review all fees and charges annually
  • Section 17 refers to Risk Management (financial arrangements) NLCouncil or ERNLLCA to advise

    Letter from Accountants. Need for accurate quotation and a breakdown of costs and details. Coun.Lee to contact Glovers Accountants.

Coun.Curtis proposed that Financial Regulations should be accepted, seconded by Coun.Wood. Resolved All in favour of the Financial Reglations being adopted.

Letter concerning Ms Nockels 13 Station Road Owston Ferry and a complaint about the lack of fencing around the recreation ground.
The Council gave serious consideration to this matter. It was noted that there had never been a fence around the whole area. Station Road does not lie immediately adjacent to the playing field. There are bollards to prevent vehicles accessing the playing field, these are the property of NLCouncil. Matters of vandalism will be referred to the local community police officer.
Coun.Lawson suggested a letter to the local football organisations so that they are aware that lose balls can be a problem and that there have been complaints. The football organisers need to take all "reasonable care" to prevent balls straying beyond the bounds of the playing fields. Letters to Mr Clarke and one other.
Copies of the NALC standing orders for Owston Ferry Parish Council previously circulated and read were proposed by Coun.Curtis and seconded by Coun.Lawson Resolved All in favour of the adoption of the Standing Orders.

1. Letter from OFRA to the Chairman suggesting that OFRA is to be dissolved. Clerk to write letter to Mr Betts HPFA and copy all Coun. Agenda next month.
2. Highways:- Potholes at entrance to Temperton Lane and Outside No. l I Epworth Road. Clerk to advise NLCouncil.
3. Annual rental due from Mr Snowdon E71.00 to Consolidated Chatities. Agenda next month.

The meeting closed at10pm.


Minutes of an additional planning meeting held in the Parish Office, Owston Ferry on Thursday January 11th 2007.

PRESENT: Coun.JCLee Presiding
Couns. PCurtis, Mrs PWard, G Watts Visiting: Couns. RWFletcher, DALawson

Application No. PA/2006/1929 Location: Adjacent High Melwood Farm on C204 between Epworth and Owston Ferry. Planning permission for conversion of vacant buildings to form two dwellings, garages and definition of domestic curtilages. Applicant: Mrs B Garner. Comments to be submitted by Janaury 24t'' 2007. Application includes: Structural Report, Ecological Assessment, Planning Support Statement, 'Design and Access Statement and 10 plans.
Comment: Proposed Coun.Ward seconded Coun.Watts:- The Council feels that as the buildings are virtually derelict the building objectives are not achievable, the Council strongly recommend that North Lincs. Council Planning department make a site visit. All in favour. Resolved that the above comment should be communicated to NLC.

Appplication No. PA/200611924 Location: Little Hurst Gunthorpe Road Owston Ferry Applicant: A Stafford Application for determination concerning prior approval of siting and appearance of a steel clad barn. A title plan showing the general location of this barn, together with the planning documents did not state the intended use of the barn. Immediately prior to the meeting Coun.Lee spoke to Anne Stafford and found out that the barn is to be used to store hay. No other observations were recorded. The Clerk will write with the return form explaining that due to the return date being January 3`d the Council were unable to comment in time.

The meeting concluded at 7.50 pm.









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