Minutes of a additional meeting held in the Parish rooms on Thursday 15th March at 7.30 Present: Cllr.Lee Presiding
Cllrs. Curtis, Fletcher, Lawson, North and Ward Apologies Cllr Watts.

551 PA/2007/0356 Planning permission to erect a first floor side extension with veranda (re-submission of PA/2006/1564)
Location: 25 Church Street Owston Ferry
Applicant: Mr A Wilder
RESOLVED: Object - insufficient change, Council would uphold NLC original refusal

552 PA/2007/0383 Planning permission to change a shop and flat into a dwelling ( re-submission of PA/2006/0436)
Location: 107/9 High Street Owston Ferry
Applicant: Mr A Pilsworth
RESOLVED: Object - Loss of potential village amenity.

553 Zurich Insurance: Discussion on renewal Proposal to accept and pay renewal fee of £777.36.
RESOLVED: That account be paid effective from 13L April 2007.

554 PJ Installations, (Mr Simmons) Discussion on payment of £2,500.00 for safety play surface under helicopter play frame on recreation field. Funds for the payment have been donated via Cllr.Lee from the "Tug of War" funds for which the Council on behalf of Owston Ferry thanked Cllr Lee. RESOLVED: That the account be paid and cheque sent to Mr Simmonds

The meeting concluded at 8.30pm.









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