7th December 2006
Dear Councillor, a meeting of the Council will be held in the Parish Office, Owston Ferry, on Thursday 14th December at 7.30pm. The under mentioned business will be transacted.
Applications for planning consent will be on view from 7pm. Any member of the public may attend.

Yours sincerely, Parish CIA

Parish Clerk
Apologies for absence


1. Applications for planning consent:
200611764 Wilgair Cottage High Street Owston Ferry
Planning permission to erect a replacement two storey garage and workshop (including demolition of existing garage.)
Creation of planning sub-committee able to attend additional meetings where necessary.

2. Licensing Act 2003 Application for a Premises Licence -    Grant Re; Owston Ferry Coronation Hall

3. Burial Board Business. - Review of Schedule of costs and Regulations etc (copies circulated previously.)

4. Accounts for payment.

5. Rights of Way Improvement Plan (copies previously circulated.)

6. Code of Conduct - Declaration of Interest (copies previously circulated)

7. Dog Control Orders - public consultation (copies previously circulated)

8. Proposal of Thanks to Coun.Curtis for the gift to the Council of a photocopier.

9. NALC Standing Orders and Chairmanship (Standing Orders for Local Councils) Model Financial Regulations (required by Audit Commission)

10. Letter from Ian Cawsey (copies previously circulated)










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