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The Smithy is the village’s museum it is run by the Owston Ferry History Society it opens to the public on



The Smithy is as it sounds, an old Black smiths shop but this has been expanded, and it now has displays of village photos of the past and the present it holds the millennium photos of the village as well as old street seen with there modern counterparts, and a museum based around the village and village life.
The Smithy is good place to visit for clubs and small school groups and anyone interested in local history and local family history. If you are interested in a large group booking it may be possible to visit outside normal visiting times so please ring using the contact number on the bottom of this page or the websites message board

The Smithy has also a large range of vintage hand tool and small implements use in the villages farming past. This year’s themed area is toys and games.

The entry fee is just £3.00 for Adults and 50p for Children and is well worth it
Visitors can request a Copy of most Photos that are on display for a small fee this depends on size and quality required.

The Smithy has a large catalogue of village photos
They have the following.
Village photos old and new
Family History Photos
Village working life
Village river history
Large collection of family photos (going back in history)

There is also a lot of local history including local family history and village history
This also helped by the curator of the Smithy who can help interested members of the public with questions if they don’t know they may know who will
The Smithy is a valuable local source of local history and your support is needed to help maintain it may that be buy just visiting the smithy or volunteering your time to help run it or a donation to running cost and local sponsors are welcome.

The Smithy is also hosts to Father Christmas nearer Christmas time these dates are already on the calendar in the what’s on page.

To make bookings call (01427 728325 or 01427 728169)

or email




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