They are as follows

The basic charge is £6.50/hour for the hall

inserted table (to be added soon)

To book the hall you need to ring

Mr Wilf Boothman on 728349 Or also

Mr Mervin Stores on 728378

They have the hall diary and currently this is the only way to book the hall

The hall is in use all year round, so book early to avoid disappointment, but this doesn’t mean you cannot get a booking at the last minute. we are here to help you and we will if we can. The hall is first and foremost run for you we are a registered charity and are not out to make vast profits all profits are used to improve the hall and give you a better village hall for future generations to enjoy. We are always grateful for donations that we are given to help run the hall. We try our utmost to keep our charges low, but oil prices and insurance charges keep forcing us to increase our hire rates, to maintain balanced funding for the hall.




Updated 2014