The Hall is In need of some changes to bring the hall facilities up to new regulations on disabled access, and this work has some knock on effects,

We plan to build a new disabled toilet in what is currently a storeroom.

This means we need a new store, on the current plans we are working with we plan to take out a large window in the main hall and replace it with a new doorway and build our store along the side of the stage on the out side of the building. using available space there to build a big store room.


There are a number of the other changes put forward.

To insulate all the external walls to increase comfort levels in the hall reduce condensation and improve sound quality of the hall, this would mean recoating the internal walls of the hall

To increase insulation in all the ceiling spaces to meet new guidelines.

        To install a hearing loop for hearing aid users.

Put new fire doors in that have glass panels so disabled users can see through the doors.

Extend the ramp to the main entrance to make it easier for disabled users to enter the building, this is also part of the new regulations we have to meet.

        Possibly refurbish the hall toilet block.

        Put secure lockers in for people hiring the hall.

        Update the kitchen.

Fit double glassed windows to the hall, or secondary glaze them again to increase comfort of the hall, to remove the cold spots around the windows plus sound insulate the hall, so late parties do not disturb neighbours.

Some other things that are being considered are.

The removal of the little used stage area to make more storage, but we would also purchase a new portable stage, (like the staging the primary school use) that could be flat packed onto trolleys, this would have two benefits it would bring the stage up to the new regulations, and give us better access to the rear fire exit, which is behind the stage back drop. It also would allow the indoor bowls club to use the full length of there mats, this is a controversial plan but it would give us much needed floor space, and give us a lot more storage so we can increase the space for hirers equipment. the availability of storage has made it difficult for some people hiring the hall, as there activities need lots of equipment that needs bringing back and forth, so the storage would be much needed. The storage we a proposing to build out side the building was for the halls own tables chairs and equipment so very little would be available for hirers use, this is the only viable way to offer large on floor storage to hirers, this part of the project will be consulted on by all the village in our question air.

The changes would be done with as much sympathy to the original stage area as possible, so the halls character would be maintained. Also the storage areas could be designed to able to function as stage wings, if there was going to be a full stage production on in the hall. This would in my opinion give the hall the best all-round balance for function.  And use the halls space to the best advantage for the whole village.



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Updated 2014