Here are some photographs of the Coronation Hall it is a Great hall that in resent years had a large makes over with a lottery grant and a lot of hard work from the trustees and other local people. We are hoping in the near future to apply for a new grant to further improve the existing building but more on that in the future projects page

The hall is split into a few parts the main hall, which includes a large stage area as you can see from the photo

Put your Curser in the image and hold your left mouse butten to look around the Hall. Right click for more options ie: full screen

Not able to see the 360º image? Download a VRML plug-in.


The kitchen, which is adjacent to the main hall, which has all you, would need to host a coffee morning or basic catering.


The parish office, which is quite often used for meetings, and is used by the parish council among others.


The billiard room which as the name implies has two full size billiards or snooker tables but also doubles as a catering room and the tables are converted it to large buffet tables for large events like weddings or the Queens Coronation jubilee the other year.


Which just leaves the obligatory toilet blocks which our cleaner keeps spotless.





Updated 2014