Welcome to your village hall, I hope that you have seen it or better still used it. The village hall is a very important building in any village or small town, but they are often little used or in a bad state of repair, and for the good news ours is neither. its used very frequently and constantly looking towards improvement has kept it in good order, that is not to say it is perfect but we try, as you may or may not know I am on the trustees committee that run the hall, we are all looking to help keep the Hall relevant to the villages needs, but we are only a small group and would welcome any suggestions for improvements to the hall .we cannot promise that we will be able to cater to them all, but it all helps us when we are planning the long term future for the hall. If you have any ideas use my guestbook and mark private, and title it with Coronation Hall or ring one of the contact numbers, or ring me, or speak to a trustee a list will appear on this site along with photos to help you recognise us .


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